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Your Cornerstone Hair Studio hair care professional will consult and recommend the best hair care products for you from our extensive line of shampoos, conditioners and styling aids. These salon quality hair care products are designed to match with the needs and condition of your hair.

Cornerstone Hair Studio carries the best in specialty products for textured hair including Crew, Aquage and Bed Head. Whether for thickening and texture or for smoothing, hold and control, your Cornerstone Hair Studio professional can recommend the right products to keep you looking good.

Matrix | Rusk | ISO | Aquage | Redken | Crew | Bed Head

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Amplify 4-Step Volumizing System is real patented technology proven to increase the thickness of hair.




Rusk Sensories™ represent a new era in haircare. This unique collection provides not only the benefits of natural, botanical ingredients, but a totally new chemistry as well, CFT, or Compressed Formula Technology. Compressed during the formulation, Rusk Sensories™ expand with a little water and gentle manipulation, transforming their physical appearance while releasing their provocative botanical aromas for an irresistible sensory experience. And that's not all. With Compressed Formula Technology, you use 30% - 50% less product to get double the performance!



ISO products are formulated with Tri-Active Technology, ISO's comprehensive hair care line provides function-specific solutions for individual needs.

Daily - For normal to oily hair types that bring hair and scalp back into balance.

Bouncy - Curl-enhancing hair care with "Bounce-Back" technology to bring textured and natural curls full circle.

Color Preserve - Care and styling products with Solar-Seal 3 to seal in color and define shine.

Hydra - Moisture-rich care to quench and revive dry and chemically treated hair.

Tamer - Smoothing hair care with guar gum and ISO's patented ISOamine for a straight, sleek surface.



Priming - shampoo, conditioner and treatment products to cleanse and condition your specific hair type and texture. Puts hair in optimum healthycondition for styling.

Styling - wet styling products applied to towel-dried hair after priming prepare hair for any textural transformation. A full range of unique styling solutions combined with the proper technique make any transformation possible.

Texturizing - after styling, enhance the texture and movement of your cut. From light hold to firm, our full range of texturizing solutions are designed and tested by hairdressers to achieve and maintain the look you want.

Finishing - lock-in your final style, add humidity-resistance and maximum shine. Aerosol and non-aerosol formulas from workable to firm to extreme hold.



Redken products combine innovation and street-smarts for the most inspiring and exciting collection around.

All Soft - Softness for dry, brittle hair. Indulge hair in golden, luxurious softness. Advanced silkening formulas contain Redken's exclusive Interbond Conditioning System and illuminating Silk-Luxe Complex. Hair is wrapped in softness with increased manageability, movement and luminous shine.

Color Extend - Protection for color treated hair. Extend the life of color-treated hair by fighting the four causes of color change. New advanced Color Extend offers maximum color security. Environmental aggressors, poor cuticle condition, color-altering minerals and water can attack haircolor, causing it to fade and dull. Through Redken's exclusive Interbond Conditioning System and a powerful 360 degree Protective Complex, Color Extend helps shield, stabilize and secure color intensity. It's full spectrum protection that keeps color-treated hair smooth, manageable and radiant.



American Crew maintains a healthy core of classic grooming essentials for every man. All of the Classic products share key natural ingredients and signature fragrance. Gauranteed to make you feel and look great, Classic grooming never goes out of style.



Bed Head

TIGI Bed Head Hair Care. Doesn't matter if you are a Dumb Blonde or a Mastermind, a Manipulator or a Creative Genius - TIGI Bed Head has shampoos, conditioners and styling tools to complete your lifestyle.




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